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kyle reinbolt

game dev, voice actor, video editor ,photogropher

my experience

I am a high school sophomore looking to expand my ability with my variety of hobbies and possibly make some money along the way to help me get better gear 


4 years in the making
i don't have very much to say here other than I started about 4 years ago in the seventh grade

voice acting

7 months in the making
I have been trying to do voice acting every once in a while but I don't really do it to often

video editing

6 years of experience
ever since I moved to the house I am currently living in I have had access to the internet and have tried to do youtube most of those attempts have failed but I continue never the less just as motivated. I might stop for a few months but I will always return to make more videos and over those 6 years I have gained a bit of experience in video editing that I think are irreplaceable and will always be in my life


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